FUZION Medical Aesthetic Boutique

FUZION Medical Aesthetic Boutique is a full service brand that improves women’s (and men’s) confidence through their appearance. They offer everything from makeup, to fillers like Botox, to plastic surgery. FUZION intentionally steers away from the term “Med Spa,” aiming to feel more like a place to go shopping.

The company I worked with on FUZION helped launch the brand from the ground up. The business had grown rapidly in its initial years and was still experiencing double digit growth. During my time working with the brand, we helped transform them from a profitable local option, to a leader in the area.

There’s a lack or realism in the med spa world. Pictures show young women with impossibly perfect skin with a needle hovering nearby. There was a disconnect for women that were never going to be twenty again no matter how much they did, and there were others who were afraid of what really happened during different procedures.
We built FUZION’s brand by being more down to earth. It does feel like a boutique when you walk in, but there are pictures of women who look great at 20, 30, 40, or 50 as well.

I worked to create videos of actual procedures being done. FUZION’s team explains what they’re doing, and the women having the procedures explain how everything felt before, during and after. Their youtube has accrued nearly half a million views for the single location brand.

FUZION’s owner and head doctor, Dr. David Goodkind is an experienced surgeon with a deep knowledge base. In an industry that’s gotten bad press for poor quality, we knew he could be a positive figure. We got Dr. Goodkind on multiple channels to talk more about different procedures and advancements, further securing his place as an expert in the field.
We also developed “beauty bashes” for FUZION. These are events where women and men come to socialize, learn about procedures and ask questions. It provides an interim step for potential patients who aren’t ready to schedule a consultation yet, but might be curious about what’s possible. They also serve as a platform to further establish FUZION as a central hub for medical aesthetics in their area and beyond.

These are just a few of the tactics I employed while working with FUZION. I helped create online ads, digital and print ads, billboards, brand campaigns and more during my time with them. Today FUZION continues to grow and cement its place as a leader in their industry.