EM Rose Builders

E.M. Rose Builders makes multi-million dollar residential homes. They are unmatched in their area for transparency, and provide a level of quality that often surprises their clients.
E.M. Rose’s CEO is passionate about building. What does that mean? It means that he will have his team tear down every stone of a wall if it isn’t right.

One time, the company was adding on to an existing house from the 1800’s. To truly match the stonework of the existing house, the CEO researched the quarry in Italy where the stone originally came from. He then made arrangements to have new stone cut from the same quarry. It was loaded on a boat and shipped across the Atlantic Ocean for the addition. This is what passion looks like.

By the time I began working with E.M. Rose Builders, they already had a well established brand. In an interesting dilemma, they actually found that they were sometimes coming across too high end. They were getting passed by customers who might have been able to afford them, yet assumed they couldn’t. Part of my job was to make the brand a bit more accessible to bring in more business.
Along with my team, I helped to communicate their transparency, a true differentiator that could make them more accessible.

We created a new tagline “Know More, Build Better,” a responsive website, luxury booklet and branded materials. We established their presence on Facebook, blogs, guest articles and a new website. We also found venues for the CEO to speak publicly on the building process. These elements didn’t lessen their brand standard, but gave people greater insight into how their value could actually save them money.

Today E.M. Rose Builders continues to build the highest quality homes and projects, while serving a wider range of customers and needs.