Zinc Food

ZINC Restaurant and Kitchen ZINC, located back to back, are sister brands. The restaurant presents white tablecloth dining, while the kitchen offers a more casual, fun atmosphere.

ZINC has been serving local, sustainable cuisine for over 15 years in the center of New Haven, Connecticut. In restaurant terms that’s ancient, yet it still regularly makes the news.

I worked with ZINC to promote their ongoing involvement in the local community and sustainability efforts. While these words have become trendy today, ZINC has been passionately involved since they began.

I helped market contests such as the “Make Your Own Pizza Contest” new menu items, instructional cocktail videos, website updates and ads. The Kitchen ZINC brand was particularly fun because you could take liberties and try new ideas. From talking goats, to summer movies on their patio and crazy pizzas, it was always something new.

ZINC continues to hold a prominent place in New Haven, as they constantly bring in new menu options and interact with the community.