I did a small project in Guatemala following a coffee roaster. For one week we followed an interesting man named Mike.

Mike was born in the U.S., but travelled across the world for more than a decade. His dream was to eventually open a coffee shop in in Guatemala, and that’s what he did.

Mike is known by nearly everyone in the small city of Panajachel. He’s an instantly personable person. He would often end up talking about deeply personal topics with complete strangers who’d just come in for a cup of coffee. The effect was like gravity.

We explored the beauty and depth of both Guatemala and Mike’s story over the course of our time there. I personally worked with developing the concept and story on-site, shooting both audio and video, and directing during the shoot.

Traveling internationally is always rewarding, because it reminds you that there are so many ways to approach life. Each have their benefits and their hardships, but everyone keeps on. Understanding where strikingly different people come from gives me a greater appreciation for the commonalities that bind us together.