SHiFT Cycling

SHiFT Cycling is an expanding chain of spinning studios. It’s riding the current wave of emotional exercise if you will. This is done through combining a tough workout, loud music, and motivational instructors.
When I first met with the owners of the forthcoming chain, there was an understanding of what the brand would be, but it wasn’t articulated yet. I worked to create the name, tagline, brand messaging, logo, colors, brand standards and launch campaign.
The brand was designed primarily for women. It couldn’t be too masculine, but it needed to be bold. The name SHiFT was chosen to express literal and figurative meaning. The idea of shifting was active, yet not aggressive. It appealed to a core concept of change, something many of the cyclists were looking for.
The logo was built to create a sense of motion and power, without using the bold lines and shapes often associated with heavy masculinity. Combined with quotable motivational phrases and images of strong women, the SHiFT Cycling identity took shape through research and discussion.

I helped to create and place various ads announcing their grand opening. We also took a small list of existing emails and used them to mobilize a core group of riders. Combined with local press and a prominent downtown location, we developed a buzz around the studio’s opening.

The first location opened so successfully that classes quickly sold out, bringing the need for a second location within months. As SHiFT continues to expand, they have a strong identity and a clear vision for where they’re going.