Calcagni Real Estate

Calcagni Real Estate is one of the larger, local Real Estate companies in its area. They’ve been in business for over 40 years, passing ownership down within the Calcagni family.

Calcagni needed to update its brand and marketing efforts. They had a team of agents who had mostly grown up in the towns they served, and had been with the company for many years. This gave them a deeper and more personal understanding of different neighborhoods, because they lived in them.
The company needed an update, but also differentiation from competitors.

Most real estate companies use imagery and language focus on finding your home. I helped take it in a different direction. While talking about what a location really means to a person, we began to focus on where you get a cup of coffee. We focused on the Friday night high school football game. We focused on the moments that people fill their lives with.

Your location determines so greatly how your daily life looks. This idea drove a new campaign for Calcagni, complete with a new website, TV ads, digital and print advertising. I worked on direction for the photographer, the TV ads themselves, and the copy for the ads among other aspects.

It was important that the settings we chose for the campaign made sense for the demographics – hardware stores, coffee shops and bowling alleys to name a few. The new website had needed to deliver a unique experience while being intuitive as a real estate site.

The balance paid off as the campaign brought in positive momentum from the agents (an often overlooked aspect in real estate) and growing numbers for new business.